Saturday, December 29, 2012

After Christmas Armageddon

Just... Wow. That's all I can say to describe our first Christmas with Callista. She had such a good time. Of course she had the most gifts out of everyone, being the spoiled little girl that she is. Her favorite gifts include a Dance and Learn puppy, a rain stick, and a giraffe with jingle bells on it. On Christmas Eve, she slept through most of the action, but woke up in time to play with Grandpa Lynch. I think her six cousins wear her out with all the action going on!

She was wide awake for the afternoon activities! Although she couldn't open her own presents, she enjoyed unwrapping in general, for herself and everyone else. Every time she would get a new present, she would look at her dad and if he smiled, so would she. 

We celebrated Christmas morning at home, and she slept through most of it too! Of course, I can't help myself but show off her adorable outfit. Apparently it was the only one Walmart/Sam's Club had because I saw a hundred other baby pictures in it as well LOL. 

We are back to normal life in just a few days, as my wonderful vacation is soon coming to an end. I'll be sad to leave her! We have myelo clinic on January 4th. I am praying for a good visit. She will have an MRI and a renal scan as well as our regular visits to neuro, ortho, and physical medicine. I feel like these visits too often focus on how far behind she is rather than how far she's come since the last visit. We are hoping her head control to be good enough for leg braces within the next 3-6 months! I'll update after our visit Friday :)

Have a great and healthy new year everyone!! <3<3<3


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Capitalizing on Tragedy

I always keep this blog about Callista and I think eventually my thoughts might blend together to fit with the theme. But I cannot ignore something so publicized, whether it be in the media or on facebook. My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones in such a horrible, senseless tragedy. I cannot imagine what it must be like to know your child (no matter how old) will not be coming home to you. Every day, we leave our children with sitters, family, the school, daycares. Never once do we walk away from leaving them thinking "I hope they're still there when I get back".

I've read/heard from many that they want to keep this about the victims, the people who were lost. And I agree, we shouldn't be focusing on the bastard that did this. But plastering the happy, smiling faces of these poor babies all over the place is unacceptable. The parents asked for privacy and this is how we as a community respect their wishes? I refuse to "like" those pages that are capitalizing on this tragedy. It is a given the nation as a whole is in mourning for the incident, but we must "prove it" by making sure everyone knows? The thought that someone was basically stalking those families to find pictures to throw together just disgusts me.

So instead of reposting those pictures and sharing those pages, do something! In your community, support your mental health agencies while voting. Be active in whatever religion you choose.Volunteer at your local children's hospital to hold the babies when parents cannot be there (by choice or by necessity). Raise your children right, teaching morals, high standards, and a tolerance of others. Love your family and make sure you spend time with them because every moment counts. Rather than focusing on where and how to place blame, work on making yourself a better person and influencing others to do so as well.