Friday, June 27, 2014

Oil Update

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I am so impressed with Callista's progress since beginning essential oils with her. I will be the first to admit, I weren't sure if they were full of crap or actually effective when I signed up to order them. But, I was also a desperate mommy who was willing to try anything. Wow, I am glad I did...

We started off pretty strong in applying oils, but had to back off due to other issues that coincidentally happened around the same time. I switched from topical application to simply diffusing oils that Callista needed. We diffuse peppermint, lavender, and myrrh every evening at bed time. Since we started in February, Callista has improved her speech skills more than I can describe. You've seen the videos on her page. She went from saying ONE word, to gaining at least one new word weekly. She had no interest in sitting or playing with toys, and now she is making efforts to sit herself up and heaven forbid if you forget to put a toy in front of her. In occupational therapy, she has made more progress over the last few months than she did in the YEAR prior to starting oils. Her hands are open more than they are closed and she is reaching and grabbing (including hair and earrings, by the way!).

I can't deny that it sounds crazy. But there is nothing else different that we have been doing for Callista other than using Young Living Essential Oils. Sometimes it is hard to do the protocols that I'd like to do, because Callista can be quite uncooperative and because many oils cannot be put into a g-tube. Today I learned that ningxia red can be used with a tubie, so of course we started that! I cannot wait to see what results that gets.I look forward to transitioning her to topical applications and adding in frankincense back into her daily regimen. This girl is finally making progress in something!

Speaking of progress, we received the magical letter in the mail saying her wheelchair has been APPROVED!! We've been waiting nervously since the beginning of May to see what would happen and it's such a relief to finally see it in writing. Now to work on making our home her home and allowing her to be as independent as possible. I look forward to seeing her flourish when she realizes she can take herself places (my walls and the dog are probably not as excited for mobile Callie!).

Thanks to all our friends and supporters for donating items to the benefit, sharing our event on facebook, and using our donation link at the top of Callista's blog. We appreciate you so much <3. We've got a long way to go in our fundraising goal and your efforts have gotten us that much closer. WE LOVE YOU!