Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ready for a Pink Throne (No, not THAT kind!)

This post will be full of random, because too many things are going on all at once, but never enough for a full post. Prepare for an ADHD moment:

Item #1: Stupid Infection
A few weeks ago, we took Callista to the ER because her oxygen numbers were low. She ended up having a kidney infection and was put on antibiotics. Lucky for us, for the first time ever we were allowed to be admitted in our own town. It was so nice being close to home for the few days she had to stay. It made things a lot easier. Of course, we haven't been admitted for a long time, so it was a little disappointing. After speaking with urology, they said that her UTI's are so infrequent now that they would not do anything different.

Item #2: Pink Wheelchairs
Callista got to try out a power wheelchair! She did great for it being her first time. It wasn't fitted specifically for her so she was able to get her gansta lean on, but overall she moved the chair back and forth and attempted to run over many toes, whether she knew it or not. I assumed I would be sad to see her in a chair, but I surprised myself. It has really sunk in that Callie isn't the walking kind of girl (walking is totally lame, anyway, right?)  and I was SO happy to see her trying to move herself in the wheelchair. It isn't something that will confine her, it's something that is going to open up her world to so many new things. I had no tears, only a huge smile on my face. Next week, the reps are coming to our house to do a trial in the drive way and to inspect our home to ensure we are wheelchair ready. Callie's Papaw already made sure she was ready; our house now has a beautiful wheelchair ramp that is ready to go for Callie's pink chair. We settled to try the purple one, but you know that's not the one for us ;)

Item #3: The Third Annual Callista's Journey Benefit
It's time again! This year, our benefit will be held at Prophet's Park on July 27th from 11:00-2:00. We are still working out the details, but the date is set and the place is reserved! We are beginning to collect the Chinese and Silent Auction items now. I'm excited to share that aside from our paypal link on our blog, there is also an account for Callista's Journey set up at Century National Bank. Anyone can write checks directly to Callista's Journey, or stop in at any Century National Bank and donate as well. This year, our efforts are going into renovating our home for Callista's needs. We will be building on an additional handicap friendly bathroom and altering another room to become Callista's bedroom with plenty of room for all her therapy equipment. We are hoping once the shell is complete, our waiver will help with the inside, but those approvals are always iffy. We should be getting an estimate on the addition soon so we know where to set our goal!