Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Progress

This summer has been good to us. With the exception of one little med flight incident and a two day stay, we have somehow managed to stay OUT of the hospital and away from surgeries for my entire break. That is quite the accomplishment when you revisit our track record.

Callista has enjoyed mommy being home more and we've made some progress as well. She is working hard to hold her head up and is able to hold for longer periods of time with help balancing her body. Tummy time has gotten easier and there are less tears and fighting. She's grown enough that we had to get her braces sized up a little. She is also learning to mimic several more words and is quickly picking up sounds. She is opening her hands more and within the last two months has finally started purposefully reaching for toys and objects.

Here in a few weeks her wheelchair will finally be ready. We are anxious to get it, to finally give our girl the freedom she needs and deserves. We are hoping with the ability to move, she will develop cognitively too. With talks of school starting, it makes me nervous to send her somewhere with little to no language skills, unable to fend for herself. I know how cruel kids can be and I don't know that I am ready to send her into that situation just yet.

I think since starting her on ningxia red we've seen the most progress out of her in a very long time. I'm glad something so simple and natural can be what she needs for that extra boost.

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